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There are 4 specific OSHA Forms on our Mobile App.
One, the OSHA Safety Inspection Form, should be used on a regular basis.
Use the 3 accident or injury forms when an accident or injury has occurred.


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) set of standards called the Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule (RRP) Disclosure Form can be completed on your phone. It’s then stored in your account.

Safety Briefings

Your workers are required to receive a safety briefing every 10 workdays or 14 calendar days, whichever comes first. Our Mobile App makes providing these safety briefings a breeze right on the job site. Available in English and Spanish.

Your Safety Program On Your Phone

Delegate Safety Documentation to the Workers Closest to the Information

Assign documenting your safety process to the workers who are in the field, where the tasks are being performed. Have your support staff and crew leaders easily collect the data in the natural course of normal operations.

  • Document Safety Briefings even in the field
  • See which crews are performing safety inspections and how often.
  • Get a customer signature for EPA RRP disclosure

Painters or Job Supervisors can come and go so with our Multi-User functionality-add and remove additional users as you wish.

Validate Field Safety from the Convenience of Your Office

Search submitted forms by

  • job/customer name
  • user
  • form name
  • or date range.

Easily monitor which projects and which crews are compliant.

When your support staff and crew leaders all have the app, there’s no more “hoping” that safety practices get done – you’ll know who is doing what and when.

Protect Your Business by Proving Your Actions

When you experience a worker accident or a routine audit, safety documentation is your lifeline because inspectors often accept it as proof of compliance.

If you can’t produce this basic documentation, it is as if your safety efforts never happened. But when you can produce these documents, investigations run a lot faster, smoother, and often a lot cheaper!

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Receive continuous access to all the forms you need, when and where you need them.

For the low monthly cost of $20 for your primary user account and $5 for each additional user, you’ll have access to all the forms, signatures, and pictures documenting your company’s safety efforts.

No more lost, missing or incomplete forms – all your company’s safety documentation is safely and securely stored in the cloud.

Nothing makes Safety Documentation easier!

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