The PaintingSafetyForms app has two main componets: a mobile app that runs on Android and iOS devices for completing and submitting forms, and a Desktop Dashboard for managing account users and submitted forms. Used together, you have a simple solution for overseeing what is otherwise a complex task – documenting safety compliance within your business. Here is how it works:


Staff, Employees, and Subs

Using the app requires you to login in with the user id and password you were provided with by the business owner or general manager. Simply download the app for FREE from the Google Play Store or the Apple Apps Store and log in. Then you can start completing and submitting safety forms and safety briefings.


Business Owners / General Managers

You will be the master account holder for your organization and this requires you to set up the account.


1.  Create your account on the Desktop Dashboard.

Before you can use this app, you must have a Desktop Dashboard account. The cost is a recurring $20 monthly fee that is processed through the Desktop Dashboard. Your Desktop Dashboard account id and password also serve as your user id and password for the mobile app.

From the Desktop Dashboard will have complete visibility into all forms and activity within your account. Additional users can be created in the Desktop Dashboard by selecting Add User. Each additional user is charged at $5 per month and will have their own login credentials. Additional users only have visibility into their own form submissions, not your entire account.

We suggest that additional users be created for your production manager, sales associate, and each foreman or job site supervisor because they are going to be in the best position to complete many of the required forms.

Create My Account Now  

2.  Download and install the mobile app on your smartphone or tablet.

Once you have a Desktop Dashboard account created, download the mobile app for FREE from the Google Play Store, and the Apple Apps Store.

Your login credentials will work across multiple devices and multiple users can use a single device. On shared devices, just remember to log out and log back in with your own credentials before completing or submitting a form. This flexibility allows you to have workers install the app on their own devices and/or to have multiple workers use one or more shared devices. So feel free to install the app on all appropriate smartphones or tablets.

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3.  Complete and submit forms in the field using the mobile app.

When you log into the app, you will be presented with three different categories of forms – OSHA Forms, EPA Forms, and Safety Briefings. Choosing one of the categories will then display the associated list of available forms. Simply select one of the listed forms to get started.

Beside text fields and check boxes you are also able to capture signatures using a finger or stylus on a touch screen. Some forms also contain camera icons which open your device’s camera to take a picture that can be inserted directly into the form.

If you are not finished completing a form but need to navigate away from that screen, you can either press the Save & Exit button or simply navigate away, in which case you will be asked whether you want to Save & Exit or Exit Without Saving. If you save an unfinished form, the next time that form is selected you will be prompted to either Open an Existing Form or Start a New Form.

Once you click the Submit button on a form, the form’s content are securely stored in the cloud and the content is removed from your device. Submitted forms CANNOT be edited or deleted. This is to preserve the integrity of the data as it was collected in the field.


4.  Log into the Desktop Dashboard to view, download, or print your completed forms.

From a standard browser you can log into the Desktop Dashboard where all of your form data is securely stored in the cloud. Search functionality allows you to quickly find any of your completed forms, allowing you to sort the forms by Job Name, Form Name, and Date Range. If you log in as the master user for an account that contains multiple users, you will also be able to sort by User.

Both master users and additional users have the ability to view any submitted form appearing in their list view, as well as download the forms to their local computers as PDF files.

Once submitted from the mobile app, forms CANNOT be edited or deleted. This is to preserve the integrity of the data as it was collected in the field.

Master account users also have the ability to deactivate individual users, view and edit user profiles, and review or update payment information for their accounts.