Keep Your Safety Documentation Safe, Organized and Accessible Online


By making safety documentation digital, storage and organization become hassle-free.

You will no longer have to print/distribute/collect paper forms, or make sure they are correctly filed back at the office so you can find them days, weeks, or even years later.

Online storage of your forms are secure and searchable. By using a mobile platform your forms are available in real time from any standard browser as soon as they are submitted. You can  access them online at your desktop any time you need them.

  • When your business is audited or inspected, all the appropriate records are at your fingertips
  • Search submitted forms by job/customer name, user, form name, form type or date range
  • Eliminate lost, missing or incomplete safety data
  • Monitor and validate staff and crews are completing safe work practices from your office
  • No network coverage? No Problem! If your job site lacks coverage, the forms will be submitted as soon as you return to an area with service


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