Protect Your Business By Having The Right Safety Documentation When OSHA/EPA Calls


When OSHA arrives at your job site or office, you will be asked to provide documentation of your in-house safety inspections and safety briefings. And when the EPA shows up, you will be asked to provide proof of customer disclosures pertaining to lead-based-paint hazards (the EPA RRP Renovate Right pamphlet), as well as documentation your crew has been following lead safe work practices (the Renovation Record keeping Checklist).

Will you be able to produce the documentation? If not, YOU WILL BE FINED! Even worse, the inspection is likely to turn into a more invasive investigation. Now your life just got really complicated.

  • Tracking down or ‘recreating’ missing safety records
  • Responding to violation notices
  • Demonstrating ‘new behavior’ to the compliance officers
  • Meeting with legal representation for advice


And this says nothing of the costs! The distraction an invasive investigation causes in your business will likely result in lost sales, poorer customer service, and ultimately less profit. Just because you don’t have documentation of your safety efforts.

In addition to lost revenue and clients, average fines exceed $17,000! Together the cost of lost revenue, time spent handling the investigation, and paying the fines often reach tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Can you really afford not to be compliant? If you had to write a check tomorrow for $35,000 or more, could you?

With the Painters Safety Forms Mobile App it is easy and extremely affordable to protect your business and be worry free. The cost is only $20 a month for your primary account and one user login. Add additional users as you need them for just $5.00 a month more.

For as little as $20 a month you can be worry free.