Professional painting contractors from across the country are successfully using the Painter Safety Forms mobile app to easily manage safe work practices in their businesses.


Read just a few of the experiences from your peers:

“This is the only tool I’ve seen that actually makes documentation of safety procedures doable on a consistent basis. It is simple to use, it makes my painters safer, it helps protect my business, and I highly recommend it to my fellow painting contractors.”

Olin Johnson, CertaPro Painters of Middlesex and Mercer Counties, New Jersey

“Hi Terry your EPA and OSHA safety app is outstanding. I am a sales associate with CertaPro Painters of Princeton. We do a lot of lead work so we need to have Lead safety brochure sign offs with consumers. Having the forms right on the mobile app are so easy and we don’t have to manually file paper work anymore. I do feel the app makes the painters safer, (no one wants to get hurt!) and by far provides protection for our business from fines by OSHA and the EPA for not having documentation to prove we have a safety program. The app is simple to use and it makes it easier to discuss safety practices with our workers. I also found that when I did my safety meetings, it lead to relationship building with the Job Site Supervisors, (JSS’S). How awesome is that?!? I would recommend the Painter Safety Forms mobile app to any painting contractor.”

 – Kip Hunt, Olin Johnson’s Residential Sales Associate

“I look at this as not just an ‘app’ but a large part of our safety program. It is so easy to use, that compliance is now second-nature instead of being something we ‘hope’ gets done.”

– Paige Nejame, CertaPro Painters of Boston’s South Shore

“In the event of an accident, we have proof that the proper procedures were put in place to ensure the safety of our employees. It is very easy to use – all of our foremen were able to figure it out after spending 10 minutes checking out the features. It is very easy to navigate and extremely easy to go through the submitted forms. Overall, it makes safe work practices extremely easy to document and I am very confident we are ‘doing the right thing’. I highly recommend this app!”

– Fernando Barajas, Production Manager, CertaPro Painters of San Francisco

“We’ve had run ins with OSHA in the past, and each one has been very expensive, even when we thought we were doing everything right. But our most recent experience was just three months after we started using the mobile app, and the OSHA compliance officer was blown away that we had all of the required documentation at our fingertips. Once he saw the safety briefings and in-house inspections we were performing, he was on his way. Painter Safety Forms mobile app saved us thousands of dollars in just this single situation!”

– George Irving, CertaPro Painters of San Francisco