OSHA Forms For Painters – Mobile App

There are four specific OSHA Forms available to be completed in the Mobile App. One, the OSHA Safety Inspection Form, should be used on a regular basis. The other three are used when an accident or injury has occured.

OSHA Safety Inspection Form

It only takes a minute or two to complete, but this is one of the most important pieces of safety documentation for multiple reasons:

  • It helps identify and correct work site hazards, making the crews more mindful of safety issues
  • It clearly lets the crew know the specific and common safety issues they must be paying attention to
  • It demonstrates to compliance officers that enforcement of safe work practices is of importance to you and is taking place on a regular basis
  • If an accident happens, previous inspection forms can be used to help determine whether or not the crew or workers were negligent

Accident Reports

Any time an accident occurs it is important to understand what hazards contributed to the accident, how they could have been avoided, and what needs to be done to prevent similar accidents in the future. Three different forms exist to help collect that data – the Supervisor’s Report, the Worker’s Report, and the Safety Officer’s Investigation.

Supervisor’s Accident Report Form

Completed by the job site supervisor or the ranking person on site at the time of the accident, this report provides the input from someone other than the injured worker. This is important because the injured worker may not be capable of or have the perspective to describe the accident in an unbiased manner.

Worker’s Accident Report Form

Completed by the injured worker, this report provides the details as the worker in question perceived them.

Safety Officer’s Accident Investigation

Completed by the company’s safety officer, this report is a more encompassing evalutation of what happened and includes recommendation for preventing future accidents. If the company does not have a ‘safety officer’, the safety officer is the general manager or the business owner.

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