Painters Safety Briefings – Mobile App

Your painters are required to receive a safety briefing every 10 workdays or 14 calendar days, whichever comes first! 

Our Mobile App makes providing these safety briefings a breeze. It contains 54 briefings, each of which take no more than a couple of minutes for a foreman or job site supervisor to read to the crew. Then each crew member can sign off, acknowledging that the briefing was received. Ever need to document these briefings occured? Simply log into the Desktop Dashboard and print them out!


Safety Briefing titles include:


PFAS Basics

Portable Saw Safety

Pressure Washer Safety

Prevent Heat Stress


Safe Lifting Techniques

Safety Responsibility

Safety Statistics

Scaffolding Safety

Stair Safety

Stepladder Safety

Two Person Lifting Tips

Utility Knife Safety

Winter Driving Tips

Winter Health and Safety

Working with Chemicals

First Aid Awareness

Identifying Fatigue

Hydration Importance

Hurry Up Hurts

Handling Chemical Spills

Hand Tool Safety

Gravity Always Wins

Get the Lead Out

Get Sleep

Flu Prevention

Flammable Liquids

Ladder Inspections

Ladder Safety Basics

Ladder Safety Rung by Rung

Lead Awareness

Lessons Learned

Lifting it Twice



Fire Extinguishers

Falls from Any Height

Fall Protection

Fall Protection II

Fall Prevention Safety tips

Eye Injuries

Extension Cord Safety

Electric Shock

Climbing Scaffolding Safely

Cell Phone Deaths

Blood Safety

Bad Habits

Avoid Slips and Falls

Asbestos Risks

Anger Danger

Ariel Lifts

7 Accident Causes

Missing Ground Prong

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